Hello & Welcome!

My name is Victoria Bona and I’m a graphic designer. I’m currently a package and merchandising designer in New York City for Redken within L'Oréal. Prior to Redken, I worked as a graphic designer for Victoria’s Secret Beauty, designing seasonal trend books and concept decks. My work focuses on layout, editorial, and package design. While most of my work is tangible, I understand the influence and power of digital and am educated to work in both mediums. I graduated from The University of North Florida with a BFA in Graphic Design and Digital Media.

A little more about me: Born in New York and raised in south Florida has made me partial to palm trees and paradise, but my taste of New York brought me back to take a bite of the Big Apple. I’m a dog lover, pizza enthusiast and inspired by anything and everything Italian. I have a passion for beauty, fashion and food. 

I am always open to new opportunities and freelance work, so please contact me if you are interested! Feel free to email me at design@victoriabona.com